It is vital that you membership solution should fit with the requirements of your business, thus, you have to choose wisely. So the question is what are the criteria in selecting a membership management solution? What should you look for when selecting it? There are varieties of membership solution, some are way more wide-ranging and basically, more sophisticated than others and all of them can be found on the marketplace.  It means that as your organization grows, you must develop and adapt the membership engagement software that you have selected since it is inevitable that the members and evolve and the technology expand its horizons. There are specific features that make a sophisticated and quality membership management solution, to name a few there are; Integrated Communication Tool & Membership Web Portal and Reporting. All of these specific features will be discussed in this article.


Integrated Communication Tool - Communication is very vital in this field. Thus, you have to see to it that all communication is maintained, relevant and targeted if you want to meet the requirements of a busy membership organization and also, you can be able to connect with your members. Communication with your members plays a vital role in this process.


In all membership organization, subscription of members and renewals are very fundamental factors.


In this process, you have to know your members very well. You have to know why they even subscribed and renewed their membership. Through this, you can be able to attract and get new members since you can utilize the information that you got from your current members and use it as words of encouragement to get new sets of members. You can utilize the information within your member outreach communication strategy. You can always communicate to your members; you can do it either the traditional way or online. Communication with your members is vital so that you would know them and their information very well. Other means of communication includes; Mail merge through direct mail campaigns, SMS Support through SMS gateway provider, E-communications which is a very powerful, integrated and fully functional email marketing tool, E-surveys which is an automated and integrated feedback management tool and Social networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, Messenger, Forums, Instant messaging) which can help interact with third party social sites. For more facts and information regarding membership management, you can go to


Through microsoft dynamics crm solutions, you can achieve communication and interaction with your members, and with that, the relationship in the community will continue to develop and to be managed.



Membership Web Portal - It is a membership management solution wherein your members will have a freedom to access their private information anytime they want at any location.